Last Legs

Posted by editor on September 2, 2009 under Art, sport and leisure, Community

The dismantling of the ill-fated B of the Bang is now all but complete, writes Len Grant

For week after week the 180 spikes have been painstakingly removed until the central core sat, bereft, upon the five legs. Yesterday [1st September] contractors from Connell Brothers set about dismantling the core and the remaining legs.

From early morning a 110-tonne crane, its chains threaded through the redundant steel, supported the core as the first three legs were cut, one after the other, and lowered to the ground.

The process was deliberately slow and considered, safety being the main concern. By early evening the core was supported by only the two front legs, the massive crane supporting its weight.

As daylight faded ‘cherry-picker’ baskets were again manoeuvred into place as workers severed the remaining legs. By 9.30, the core was finally separated and brought to rest. The demise of Britain’s tallest sculpture was complete.

One of the 'back' legs is removed

Removing the third of five legsReducing the weight of the coreThe light fades as work continuesThe final two legsAt last: the sculpture's core is grounded